Folk Rock/Americana/Blues
Mount Wolf, PA


7/1/2014 - The Wolf is Awake.

The Apartment Sessions - Premieres August 1st, 2014

We are pleased to announce The Lone Wolf Project's next venture. Mark your calendars for the debut of The Apartment Sessions on August 1st at 4:32pm EST, a monthly web series that will feature music composed by Phillip Nathaniel Freeman as well as covers of his favorite songs in a live taping at his apartment. The series will feature a variety of guest artists. Each session will be recorded and will be available at Click on the image below to view the trailer:

Share the trailer with your friends and family, and give us some requests for what you want to hear at

Up and Coming Events
LWP is also happy to announce the following show dates this month.:

The Lonewolf Project Tour Dates

In Conclusion
It is obvious we are awake again, in a new and different way. We are cooking up some new potions for you to enjoy. What's even more exciting is that you're apart of it. Cheers.

From Us to You,